Scrolling and Tabs

Learn how to make scrolling content and a tab bar


Learn about components and their many uses.
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Component Messages

This quick tip shows how to route events into components. Learn More

Paged Scrolling

Learn how to use paged scrolling to swipe between screens of a design and use drivers to make a position indicator. The video also has tips for using the preview window and keyboard shortcuts to make recording easier.

Intro to Drivers

Learn how to use Principle's Driver feature to make a layer rotate during a drag.

Working with Images

Best practices for working with images in Principle, including Import, Retina assets, dragging from Sketch, updating multiple layers' assets, and cropping.

Watch Alert

Use Long Press and Auto events to make an Apple Watch alert interaction

Example Files

Scroll to postion on click

This file shows how to scroll to a specific spot

Back button

Learn how to create a button that takes you back to whatever screen you were just on.

Limit drag range

Limit how far a layer can be dragged

Sticky header

See how to make a header that sticks to the top of a scrollable area

Screen to screen transition

Create a full screen transition

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